Thursday, May 20, 2010

Because of you....

Today Kevin and I are celebrating our 15 year wedding anniversary! Some days it seems like it's been 5 days and others, 50 years. You can look here for how our relationship started. We were high school sweethearts...that was 20 years ago!

I know on this day, all of these years later, that I am who I am because of Kevin.
Because of you, I know and love Christ.
Because of you, I have 4 beautiful children that adore their Daddy.
Because of you, I have felt love in ways I never imagined.
Because of you, I laugh harder.
Because of you, I understand love is a commitment.
Because of you, I love to bake and cook.
Because of you, I believe metallic cinnamon is a color.
Because of you, I get to be a princess with her prince charming.
Because of you, I want to make each day count.
Because of you, I look forward to growing old, because it will be with you.

Happy Anniversary to the man that still makes my heart beat faster, my smile grow wider and my eyes light up. I love you Kevin!!


  1. Oh are babies!!! I love, love, love the wedding picture!!! Congratulations and happy anniversary!

  2. How sweet. I didn't realize it was your anniversary when I saw you TWICE today. So, Happy Anniversary a little late! Congrats to you both. Fifteen years is something to be thankful for!

  3. happy anniversary!!! Love you guys!

  4. what a sweet sweet picture! happy anniversary!

  5. Awwwww... Congratulations! Happy Anniversary.