Saturday, May 29, 2010

Project 365-Week 22

Happy Memorial Day! Thank you to all who have or are serving and to the families that willingly send and support them so I may have my freedom!! You are appreciated, remembered and thanked from the bottom of my heart!!

This week was the culmination of a VERY busy month for me. It was a good week, with many blessings too! Here's a peek.


Today was the Blessing Breakfast for the 5th graders at church. The parents were invited to have breakfast with the 5th graders and small group leaders. Each leader went forward speaking a blessing and truths over each 5th grader, sending them off to Junior High. It was very special (there may have been some weeping from a certain parent, no names please.)

This is Bryce with Mr. Ryan and Mr. Jordan. It has been so awesome having these two young men, invest in Bryce!! Thank you gentlemen for all you did for Bryce!!


Tonight was Ella's Pre-K graduation. The class presented a Noah's Ark play and then "graduated". Each child was assigned an animal. Can you find Ella and guess her animal?

Here she is with her teacher Mrs. C. (sorry about the awful red eyes!)

Mrs. C is amazing and she has provided such a fantastic foundation and love for learning in Ella (and the other kids!) I am so glad Kyla will have her too!!


This is a project I have been working on all month. (With help from Kevin and another mom) At the end of the pre-school year our organization W.A.T.S (We Appreciate The Staff) present a gift to each teacher. This year the theme had been "Sharing God's Bucket of Love" based off of this book. We wanted to send the teachers off ready to relax so this is what I came up with.

7 Adirondack chairs with each child's thumbprint up the back slats, the teacher's name and school year on the arms and a cushion screen printed with the bucket logo.

They were a lot of work, but the teachers loved them and I think they turned out really well considering a few of the road bumps along the way.


Carrie and the kids came over today for lunch. After we ate, the kids played and Carrie helped me wrap these...

I'll tell you next week what they were for!


A sweet friend gave me a gift certificate to a local nursery and greenhouse. This was such a surprise and blessing, because with Kevin not working, flowers are not a priority. I took the girls with me to pick some things.

No rhyme or reason to anything. The girls liked the colors or shapes. I am not a green thumb, so makes no difference to me.

Holding up one of their choices. (These just so happen to be my favorites, so I was thrilled they each picked one!)


Today was the last day of school for the boys.

Here they are getting off the bus. It was a bittersweet day, because this was the last day that they will ever be in the same school. How are they getting that old?!!


A basket of water toys can only mean one thing......

The pool is open!! We have been members of a pool for a few years but knew this year we would not be able to join because of finances. The kids look forward to swimming every summer and talk about it all year long. It was so hard knowing that we weren't going to be able to this year. I decided to write a letter to the pool explaining our circumstances and asking if there was anything we could do in exchange for membership. When I sent the letter I knew it was ridiculous. This is a private pool, in a neighborhood we do not live in, why would they grant us membership? Well, I received a phone call this week saying they received the letter and would absolutely grant us membership! I sat and cried when I heard the message. In the grand scheme of things swimming doesn't matter, but it means everything to my kids. I was in absolute awe of God and how much he cares about my family down to the silly little detail of swimming. I know He is Jehovah Jireh and I praise Him for His provision!!

And, if we couldn't go to the pool, I wouldn't have this picture...

She refused to let me help her put the goggles on right. Can you see how they are half filled with water? I was giggling the whole time!!

I hope you have had a fantastic week and that God has showed up where you least expected Him too!!


  1. The pool story if awesome!!!! Your kids are the ages where a pool is essential for great summer memories. I am so happy for you! BTW-- Is it Swanson? I'd like to see you more!

  2. Oh my goodness, those chairs are so precious. I can only imagine how thrilled the teachers were.

    Praise God for the blessing of swimming! Great news that your children get to enjoy something they love.

    Love the goggles picture. hehehe

  3. OK - I wanted to tear up - being a small group leader of youth, I KNOW the importance to pray over these young 'uns so that's awesome your son has some amazing leaders to lift him up in prayer!

    OK - how adorable are those kids... never really thought about flamingos being on the Ark - haha!

    Can I give you the biggest high five EVER for those chairs???? How creative & smart that is!! I bet the teachers were in LOVE with them!! Oh my goodness - just brillant!!!!

  4. Great photos of your week and I love how the provision of God is evident -- in great teachers for the kids, flowers, and the pool!

  5. What a great week! So much growing all in one week, my how time flies!
    I agree with Shannon - what an awesome story! That and the flowers, what a blessing for your family!
    Hope you have a great Memorial Day Weekend!

  6. Loved your week in photos. I picked Ella out right away!(pat on the back)Was she a peacock??

    Loved those chairs. So cute!

    How sweet that they bless the 5th graders before moving on. I work in our children's department at church and may have to borrow this idea. Thanks for sharing it. Your photo makes me long for the days of my almost 17 year old man being little again. :( They grow up too fast.

    Praise the Lord for the pool provision! How awesome is that! I love the thought that you'll get to think about God's goodness every time you head out for your summer recreation. He shows His love for us in some of the most unique ways.

    Have a great holiday!

  7. Those chairs you made for the teachers are amazing. Great job to everyone. Loved the last day of school picture too. Sheer joy. Love that.

  8. Tori,
    This post was so precious. I love the Noah's Ark play. Was Ella a flamingo?? And the girls did a fantastic job of picking out flowers. Such yummy colors! I'm so proud of you for writing that letter to the pool people. Good for you! Isn't God wonderful that give you the idea to ask just so He could grant your wish. Our God is so good!

  9. Ella looked adorable. They have great taste in flowers. So sweet!

    Those chairs are amazing. I love sentimental gifts like that. I'm sure the teachers will treasure them always!

    So - so happy for your family being able to go to the pool! Your letter was worth that picture alone. Priceless.

  10. Ha! I'm the same with flowers...take the girls to have them pick out which ones are pretty and we are all happy. :)

    Jehovah Jireh...He's so good like that!!