Saturday, May 22, 2010

Project 365-Week 21

How is it possibly almost the end of May already? This month and year are flying by!! There is a part of me that needs May to be over because I have had so much on my plate all coming together at the same time. Nonetheless, photos are a priority. Here's a glimpse of my week.


This picture could be inserted for any day that I have to drive through town. They are widening the main road through our town and it is a mess! Trains stop for lengthy periods, traffic is backed up, the lights are messed up. All I can say is UGH!!!


Even though this was on last night, we had to wait and watch it this evening.

We are back to taping things on VHS (UGH!) and it was too late on Sunday to watch it all. The worst part was, I saw who won when I got online this morning, right in the middle of the home page.


Bryce was in piano lessons and I was out in the van. Miss Michelle has these gorgeous flowers growing up and around her trellis.

Not sure what they are, but very pretty!


Every Wednesday evening (and Thursday morning) I go to church to lead Bible study. A reminder of what we are studying.

Though sometimes I feel like I need this....


Super busy and crazy day. Today is our 15th anniversary! Busy with church stuff all morning and evening and a little pre-school stuff in between. This afternoon I made these for my meetings tonight.

Strawberry-Rhubarb, Old Fashioned Creme, Banana Creme and Pecan. I think they were a hit!


Today was a fun day for the boys at school. Ethan had a parent field trip that Kevin went on and then the yearbook signing party with DJ.

After school Bryce had his 5th grade celebration. They plan fun activities and food for the kids to send them off to middle school. Here he is getting ready to go on a scavenger hunt.

He's the one in the green shirt.

They also did a special project having the 5th graders bring in a baby photo and current photo and then their teacher gave a one word description of them. They called it the rainbow wall.

Here is Bryce's pictures and description...

That's a good word!

Tonight Mom & Dad watched the kids so Kev and I could go out for dinner for our anniversary. After dinner we went for a treat....

Ritters frozen custard. Heath Glacier for Kevin and Peanut Butter Mountain for me.


Today Ella went to a friend's jewelry and make-up birthday party. Oh my was that a happy group of 5 & 6 year old girls!! When I picked her up, the mom sent home a favor bag for Kyla too.

Let's just say...2 VERY HAPPY GIRLS!! Thank you Mrs. Farcus!!!

Hope you have had a great week!!


  1. is that the light at Bittersweet? yuck!

    so we are starting this study on June is it?

    RITTERS!!!! I miss it!!!! waaaahhhhhh!

  2. I feel for you with the road construction. It's never fun at all.

    I don't know what those flowers are either, but they are beautiful!

    Oh my goodness, you have been super busy and yet you found time to bake 4 pies? You are Superwoman! :)

  3. Happy Anniversary!

    You are brave to attempt Revelations!


  4. The flower is beautiful. The pies looks yummy. Happy Anniversary.

  5. I love that word too... very "smart" :)

  6. Thank you for facilitating the bible study. I am learning so much.

  7. Loved the pictures of the girls dress-up!!! Something about girls and frills!! Sounds like the end of the stuff is keeping you busy as well... Thankfully I do not travel north on Bittersweet very often!

  8. We are going through major comstruction in our city as well...what a headache! We used to have a Ritter's here...oh so yummy...and then it closed...oh so sad :(! And I love the baby pic idea...I have pics like the baby one in the bathtub of boy of my boys hanging in their bathroom! So cute! Have a good week!

  9. Yes, the pies were delish! Matt enjoyed the piece I brought home too!

  10. I believe the flower is a clematis - it's a very popular climbing flower that comes in many colors and blooms from spring to fall, I think??

    Love ya

  11. The pies look great - but I could REALLY go for that custard about now!

  12. Happy anniversary!
    So many fun activities this time of year!
    Gorgeous clematis!
    The Revelation book's author, Larry Helyer, is a friend from my church and community! I used to be secretary for all the Religion/Bible profs at Taylor U. He was very encouraging.

  13. Happy Anniversary. That was alot of pies. Those ice cream things looked so good. YUM. The revelation book is one I should get my brother...he is reading through it now and is asking my dad tons of questions.

  14. Oh, man. I have no patience whatsoever for traffic. I'm always ready to BE wherever I'm going...NOW. Too bad we can't wiggle our noses like on Bewitched.

    (I'm impressed! You GO, you baking machine, you!)

    Happy Anniversary!

  15. Those pies looked good!

    I remember living in a small town and getting stuck at the train, but it was never mixed with traffic!