Sunday, August 1, 2010

Project 365-Week 31

Summer is winding down quickly. We had a good week and did some fun things. Here is a look.


Every summer our worship team heads to the lake home of our team patriarch. The Murphy's are very gracious hosts and this year, they kindly let us bring 3 of our 4 kids because we couldn't find a sitter. Much water fun was had.

Paddle boats with A and two other sweet team members.

Ella riding off on the jet ski with me. It was a fun afternoon!

And this picture is for The Bug. The Murphy's had this on their doorstep and I thought Martha the goose should see it.


Ethan's room needed some serious cleaning. Should have taken a before shot, but I forgot. Here is all the trash I took out.

And here's the completed project.

Much better!!


Working on finishing up curriculum for our women's studies this fall. Had a great meeting with one of my leaders and thrilled to have another special one on board!

I am very excited about what God has in store for this "semester"!!


Got these books today...

A lot of great info and fun projects/experiments. I think we'll have some fun!


Kyla wanted to get some new play dough so we picked up a 4 pack today.

There is just something about new play dough, the smell and the feel! What I didn't expect was to find this.

They were all playing, NICELY and it occupied them for quite a while! (Ella was spending the night at A's, so she wasn't home) The boys were pretending they were on the Food Network and making different recipes! I think this was a great $1.87 spent!!!


Have you had these before?

They are good and in the acceptable range for a sugary treat. I usually just have them plain. Someone else however used them in a different way.

As straws first and then ate them. And yes, that is 3 of them and all 3 were used as a straw at the same time. Any guesses as to who did this?


Tonight Kevin and I went to this.

It was Kevin's 20th high school reunion. This was the first one we attended. It was nice to see some people and we'll go to mine next year.

Hope you had a great week and that you are enjoying your summer as it winds down!!


  1. Glad to see I'm not the only late night poster :)

    I wish my children's room was that clean, I'm sure there is much more garbage in there than what you brought out of your son's room.

    My daughter would LOVE all those books, she's a real book worm in her young age and especially enjoys learning. Hope your kids love them just as much.

  2. Fun week...not sure what it is about Play-doh...but it is the best! My kindergateners go crazy when I bring it out! Anything Oreo HAS to be good...doesn't it?! YUM Reunions are so much fun...I have my 20 year one next year as well...glad you had a good time catching up with old friends.

  3. Love the goose!!! Perfect for summer!

    I love the smell of playdough & can imagine it just by looking at the big globs of it!

    Nothing like a clean room! Isnt it crazy to see how much trash can come out of one place?

    My 20 yr reunion is in a few months... not sure I wanna go... plus, the cost is $150 a couple.. I'd rather take that money & put on something much more productive! :)

  4. Wow! A clean room - how long will it stay that way?!
    Ya gotta love new play-do and how it kept them all occupied for a while!
    Good luck with the bible study!

  5. I remember how fun getting new play-dough used to be. I was always right there at the table with my little ones.

    I actually can't wait for the grand-baby to be old enough for play-dough.

    Wonderful week!


  6. I just love clean rooms and the smell of play dough! And those books! Did you buy them from Caroline? She was making her way around! We bought some computer software. My sis-in-love bought those same books. Enjoy! And have a great week!

  7. i love how the room looks so clean now!!! good job!

    playdough, ah i miss those days. it's hard to entertain them so cheaply in high school.;)

    i have never tried the oreo stick! interesting.

  8. I love the comforter set you have on his bed and play doh is just the best. I love the smell and I could actually play with it forever. So fun.
    I have not been to one of my class reunions. I know...very sad.
    Yum to the oreo sticks. I love them.

  9. Oh I love the goose! That’s hilarious! I’ll have to check out those Oreo things – I could use a snack in the acceptable sugar range.

  10. Good job on the bedroom! I did the same thing in my son's room this week. His closet is always a pit, and I'm one of those people who LOVE to open a closet and find everything neatly stored in perfectly reasonable places. Anyway, his closet is pristine right now. And that'll last a whole four days...max.

    We love play-doh.

  11. I really really really wanted to buy that set of books from a girl who came to my door. She was so sweet, and they looked so cool! But I figured Sam would probably appreciate a carseat a little more. :P

  12. By the way, we didn't go to my 10 year reunion because they were charging $85/person or $150/couple. Our class president said she'll never plan one again because only 6 couples showed up from our class of 680. I'd say there's good reason for that. Maybe she'll suck it up and take a cue from Kevin's pres.

  13. Boating, cleaning, planning, playing--summer fun!