Monday, August 30, 2010

A winner or 2

We have a dual winner to my "where will I be working?" question!
Eve from The Bald and the Beautiful was the first to answer correctly in the comments. She guessed Crazy 8 and she is right.

Crazy 8 is a relatively new brand under the Gymboree Corporation. Crazy 8 carries kids clothes from newborn to size 14.
Eve will be receiving a $20.00 gift card to Crazy 8.

Here is the dual winner part. My friend Robin tried to answer on the comments and couldn't get it to work. She actually Facebooked me the answer. (can I use Facebooked as a verb?) Anyway, Robin used to live here and she started researching our mall online and then actually called the mall office to verify. How is that for effort? So, Robin will be receiving a goodie package from me!

Thanks for playing along and for the fun guesses!

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