Saturday, October 2, 2010

Project 365-Week 40

Happy October! I am loving this cooler weather that October is ushering in. It's been another good week here. Take a look....


Had to go in to work for a while this afternoon. Guess what I did almost the whole time....

Folded and organized denim in the back room. UGH! Have I mentioned my disdain for folding laundry at home? Now I get to do it at work too! :)


I do a lot of volunteering at Kyla's pre-school. Today I was working on putting together book orders to go home with the students.

150 packets to be exact. All I did was walk around the kitchen table, pick-up packets and staple. Kevin even helped for a while. Monotonous, but such a great program to get books into kids' hands!


After we dropped Ella off at kindergarten, Kyla and I headed to Carrie's for lunch and some kid play time (and adult talk time!) Kyla is only 5 months older than "A", but she is such a mother hen with him!

Had to make time for some swinging!!


This is an intersection I go through every time I go to work.

Had a long day at work today, as we were having district and regional representatives visit. After work, home for a quick bite and off to Bible study. I was ready for bed after this day!!


Take a look at this picture and see if you can guess why these items are placed together.

Any ideas? Well, if you remember last week, I mentioned about the new pan I chose with the gift card I won at H-Mama's. A dear friend of mine read that post. At Bible study this morning she said, "I didn't realize your pans were that old." And then do you know what she did? She said she wanted to help me get new pans!! She proceeded to go and get the pans and bring them to me this afternoon. I can not tell you how excited I am! After she left, I stood there and cried, hence the tissues on the boxes. What a blessing my friend is! I am not saying who it was because she doesn't want it to get out about how nice she is!! :) All I have to say is, thank you, thank you!!


Kevin took this picture today because he was amazed at what he saw.

Do you see what our hummingbird feeder is covered in? BEES!!! By the time Kevin took this, many had left. That's still too many for me!


Today was a special birthday in our house. Reese turned 1. For his special day I picked up a toy for him. Here he is playing with it.

It's a cute little monkey with a squeaker.

I think he enjoyed it. What do you think?

After about 45 minutes it had the hole. I guess it is better then aluminum cans and wooden spoons!!

Hope you have had a super week!!


  1. great week!!

    I am not a fan of folding either!! praying for you as you continue the interviewing process.

    I used to do all the book orders for my kids classes too....loved to see them get excited about reading!

    wow...what a great friend you are blessed with!! I know you will enjoy those pans!!

  2. Great week. That is a lot of denim to fold...I don't mind folding too much, it's the putting away I don't like. With sugar water being in your hummingbird feeder I can imagine how many bees stick around! And what a blessing of a friend you have and a sweet suprise with your new pans. That is awesome. Have fun cooking with your new pretties!

  3. Wow what a great friend!! New pans make me happy too. We are in the process of replacing ours. Things taste better in new pans!! Cute puppy, our dog tends to destroy all her favorite toys too, and then she looks as if she is searching for them after we throw it away. I hate bees too, we have them at our school in droves. They aren't aggressive so we tolerate them.

    Great week

  4. Tori, I love how you remain full of joy as you encounter the good and the not-so-good days. Folding laundry at home is bad enough! Folding the same pair of jeans over and over must be extremely tedious. But what an amazing blessing the pans are!!! It will make preparing meals AND cleaning up so much sweeter! It's so much fun to see how God provides!

  5. Ewww. I'd have trouble knowing I had more folding to do at work, too! Yuck.

    No tellin' how many packets of stuff I stapled back in my years of teaching. But the orderly, list-making, get-to-the-end-of-a-project weirdo in me secretly loved doing packets and the like. And book orders were my favorite!!

    Congrats on your new pans! What a great friend you have.

    Poor discriminated-against bees! Bees need a drink, too!! LOL!

  6. Love your puppy and it's toy! lol

  7. What great friends you have, Tori! You have me a bit teary-eyed this morning. Beautiful.

    You're such a good mama for getting involved at Kyla's preschool. :)

    And, as always, Reese is crackin' me up!

  8. Great week!

    What a blessing having wonderful friends, I know you will enjoy that cookware.


  9. I was teary eyed at the cookware too – that’s just such a great thing to do! I read a comic strip called “Retail” that I think you might enjoy – you’d definitely relate to the sales staff! Here’s a link to a strip that feels your pain!

  10. Yeah for new pans!!!! Congrats :) What a blessing to have such special friends!