Saturday, October 23, 2010

Project 365-Week 43

I really can't believe that we are entering the end of October. I am even more amazed that I have taken all of these pictures this year!! Here is this week to add to the project.


Kyla received a very special surprise today.

Our neighbor, Miss Evelyn, brought this balloon bouquet and stuffed teddy over for Kyla's birthday. She was so excited! Thank you Miss Evelyn for all of the kind things you do for us!!


Today was some one's 4 year old well check.

Why can't grown up gowns be that fun?!


Tonight was a treasured moment. Can you guess why?

My WHOLE family ate dinner together!! With all of the working I have been doing, I have missed a lot of dinners lately. I was so happy to have us all at the table together!


Today was picture day at school for Kyla.

I think the cute-o-meter is at full on this one!


Swimming goggles are always in fashion....

...don't you think?


Came home from a 10 hour day today and played some games with the kids.

Ethan and I played Battleship.

With the girls it was Candyland. (Bryce is away at a retreat this weekend, so no games with him this time.)


On my way home from work tonight I saw this. When I did, I couldn't believe it and I turned around to go back and take a picture of it.

Those are Christmas lights...turned on....on October 23!!! What in the world?!! There is even a radio station locally that has begun playing all Christmas music now. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Christmas. I also knew I would be getting it early this year due to working retail, but this was just funny!

I hope you have had a merry and jolly week!! Maybe next week I'll find Valentine's decorations somewhere!


  1. Christmas does seem to come earlier and earlier, doesn't it? :)

    Definitely into the red danger zone on the cute-o-meter! And swimming goggles serve the same purpose as eye shadow, drawing attention to that important area of the face :)

    How do you have the energy to play games after 10 hours at work?!

    Have a great week!

  2. Tori,
    I'm so proud of you for keeping up not only P365, but also just the everyday important things like playing and eating together. Keep leaning on Him, friend. He is your provider and strength. And He will give you all you need.
    Oh and the Christmas light thing on Oct 23?! That's just obnoxious!! :)

  3. You're right! The cute-o-meter was on FULL for Kyla!!!

    oh my word, Christmas lights already?!!! And ON!!! I can see getting them up before the snow starts but turned on? wow.

  4. LOL at the Christmas decorations! Can we keep our pumpkins for just a LITTLE while longer please?

    Oh my that school picture day picture - she's so cute! Looks like a miniature girl in that dress.

  5. We have a lot of halloween lights here, although they are not my cup of tea my boys enjoy seeing them lit up! And happy happy to your 4 year old! She is a cutie and loved her pony tails for picture day. Game time is always fun. Hope you have a great week.

  6. What a fun day for the kids.She looks happy with her balloons.

  7. Christmas lights? Yikes. Means I better get crackin on that shopping list. Love the school picture day photo. She is so cute. Love her sweet pigtails and the dress. Adorable. You are super mom to work 10 hours and then come home and play games. Oh the treasures we are storing up :)

  8. Such a sweet neighbor and cutie-patootie you have there. Cute-o-meter is right! :)

    A 10 hour day... and games with the kids. You are such a good mom!

    Yes, we should petition to make our 'gowns' as fun as Kyla's. Although, I don't think I could pull off the cuteness as much as she did. Sweet.

  9. Many cute kid pics this week.
    Goggles ARE always in fashion!
    Unbelievable about the early Christmas stuff. That drives me crazy. I think it only serves to make people sick of Christmas, and that's the last thing we all really want. Sad.
    But it was indeed a "merry and jolly week"! ;)

  10. Kyla is adorable!
    You are one busy mommy!
    And 'valiente'= courageous!
    Keep on keeping on, in His strength!