Sunday, October 17, 2010

Project 365-Week 42

What a week! 40+ hours at work, a luncheon, a 4th birthday and "normal" life too. All I can say is that I was dragging by Saturday night. Here is a peek of the week.


I snapped this on my way to work. This is a very common sight around here right now.

Farmers tending to their fields. There is a very distinct smell that goes with this too, but you'll just have to imagine that.


Today Kyla had a field trip to the apple orchard for school. I had to work so Kevin went with her. They picked apples, chose a gourd, went on a hayride and had apple cider.

I love this shot! Thanks to Mrs. Roeder for capturing it!!


Today was my day off, but typical me, I tried to cram everything I am not able to do on other days into this one! I had to take this first picture. Everyday we take Ella to kindergarten. (she then rides the bus home) This is what she does everyday before she goes in.

She is the lip gloss queen! I find it hilarious, Kevin..not so much.

Kyla and I ran errands after we dropped her off. We ended at Meijer for a bunch of things, ran into a dear friend and then Kyla finished off with this.

How can you say no to the pony ride when it is only a penny?!

After the kids got home, the boys had piano and after piano lessons I took them to pick their pumpkins. This is my favorite pumpkin....

...because all of my pumpkins are in it!


I had to run to the grocery store for some last minute items for the teacher luncheon I was doing on Thursday. When I went in everything outside was nice. When I came out.....

it was pouring! Then I was cold, but we need the rain really desperately!


Today was a luncheon at Kyla's school honoring Mrs. Capek. For one of the table pieces I took this idea from Mimi at He&Me+3's post last week. Thanks Mimi!

Filled with all of Mrs. Capek's favorites.

I sure love these ladies and are so very blessed that they have touched my kids' lives and mine. I also am blessed to call them friends!


At school today Kyla made "Apple pizza". She brought it home and was so proud! Here she is sharing a bite with Ella.

I also tried to get a picture of some of the colors here. This picture is pathetic in comparison to what I have been seeing everyday, but it's what I could snap.

I just love the beauty that God reveals in the fall! Absolutely magnificent!!


Worked until 5:00 then it was home for a very special 4 year old's birthday!

The all important singing and blowing out the candles! Grammie jumped in to keep the hair out of the fire!

And opening presents.

Happy birthday Kyla! Your contagious giggle, animated facial expressions and "attitude" are a constant source of joy for me. You are a strong little one and I pray that you will always use that strength! I love you sweet one!!

And may I finish by saying, how can my baby possibly be 4?!!
That's enough for me for one week! Hope you have had a fun and less busy week!!


  1. great week Tori! And thanks for giving me a view of some things I miss so much....corn fields, the smell, sweet Ella, and YOU!!!

  2. Looks like another great week!
    I love those women at Salem, what a blessing they are for every life they touch!
    And there is no place like Indiana for fall!
    Happy Birthday Kyla - hope it was a great one!

  3. What a busy week! Dr. M takes at least three pictures of farmers doing things to their fields each week (do I know the technical term? No!).

    Happy birthday to Kyla!

  4. What a great, busy week, Tori! Those fields remind me of the sugarcane harvests in La. Such a sweet pic in the apple orchard. The lip gloss queen is too cute!! Love it! :) And rain... oh how we need the rain, too. Getting rained on? Not so much. ha! At least you can smile about it, right?

    Happy birthday to your sweet Kyla! Such a beautiful smile!

    Lovin' the pumpkins within the pumpkin. Too cute!

  5. Wow...WE are the ones that are blessed!! Yoder kids (and their awesome mom) make our job easy!!
    You rock, Tori!!!

  6. What a cool idea for the teacher gift!! I love the lip gloss...girl after my own heart. Funny soaking wet picture, it is amazing to me what we bloggers will take a picture of.

    Great week.

  7. OMGosh your baby Kyla is so cute. Happy birthday to your big 4 year old. Preciousness. We had rain this week too as you saw in my pictures. Cold rain. Brrr.
    Love the fall colors on your trees...oh so beautiful. Fall is absolutely the best season ever. God's picture he paints is so gorgeous.
    Love the teacher gift...I am sure she did too with all that yumminess! I kept mine for myself but thinking I might make the teachers some fun and easy.