Saturday, October 30, 2010

Project 365-Week 44

This has been a long week. I have worked way too much this week (49 hours), it's been windy and chilly (I actually purchased and wore a down jacket one day) and I was super emotional this week. All I can say is, glad this one is over! Here is a peek....


I feel like I live here.

I keep reminding myself it is a season and I am thankful. Repeat 10 times. :)


Someone had their Halloween party at pre-school today.

Well howdy partner! I think that is one cute cowgirl, or as she says it, "Towgirl". (her c's and k's come out as t's)


Today was supposed to be a day off, but no such luck. While I was gone Kevin decided to carve the kid's pumpkins. He went for a different look this year.

Didn't they turn out amazing? Bryce hasn't picked his design yet, so that's why there are only 3 done.


Today was a super windy day! This is just a shot of the sky, too bad you can't see the wind.


Today I got a whole day off!! Oh thank you Lord! (insert extreme emotion and Hallelujah chorus here!) I ran errands with my special helper, finished getting things needed for costumes, did some things around the house (not nearly enough) but this was a highlight.

I can't tell you how fun it is to watch a show with your kids that you, yourself watched every year. Some things are just timeless, and priceless!


Today I went in to work at 9:00 a.m. and got off at 8:00 p.m. All I can say is after 11 hours I couldn't get home fast enough. But guess what? Went out to leave and the truck wouldn't start!!

Had to call Kevin, who loaded up the girls to come rescue me. Ended up having to drive around to Sears to get a new battery. It was 9:30 until we got home. UGH!! We are trying to look at it positively and be thankful that it happened now and not in the dead of winter or sometime when I would have been stranded.


More work stuff.

Going over all of our holiday info for work. When we close tomorrow night (Sunday) we have to set all of our Christmas decorations and begin our Thanks for Giving Campaign (for St. Jude's). Time to kick off "the most wonderful time of the year". Please remind me of that when I am complaining about long hours and grumpy people! :)

Hope you have had a super week and that your battery is fully charged, both literally and figuratively!! "See" you in November!


  1. That "Towgirl" is SERIOUSLY cute! And those pumpkins are amazing. You're right about the battery being good timing. Better after work than before, in a safe place rather than some other more scary location, better with October weather instead of December... But still, I understand your frustration!

  2. sorry you had such a busy week. I hope this next one slows down a bit for you!

    Kevin did an AWESOME job on those pumpkins!!! What a dad!

    Love the sky picture!!

    What are the kids dressing up as for Halloween?

  3. Bless your heart. Long hours + keeping up with everything at home? (((hugehugs)))

    Those pumpkins are quite impressive!!

    And the car? Bless your heart times 2! Mine has been hesitating to start. Everywhere we go, we say a little prayer. I'm just wondering where I will be when it gives out completely (and if hubs will be in town). Good times. ;)

  4. Hey Tori - Left you a FB message... love you! Know that it has been rough and wanted to give you a (((hug))). Sounds like your week and mine had a lot in common... too much to do and not enough time! Hope next week is better!

  5. I'm sorry you had a stressful week, Tori. I hope this one is turning out to be better. I saw your little Kyla tonight (she was looking for Bryce after small group) She made me smile AND she reminded me to pray for you. She's like a little angel, isn't she? Love and prayers, dear one. Hang in there.

  6. busy busy that towgirl costume! so is so very cute and great pumpkins.,..think i like the face the best...the eyes had me at first glance! hope your week slowed down a little bit this week!