Monday, February 7, 2011

Project 365-Week 6

Another week, more sick kids (and grown-ups), a new month, it just keeps going! Here is a look at the week around here.


This is Luke.

He is an artist who's medium is pottery. He had a booth right outside my store over the weekend, so I talked to him quite a bit. He has an awesome testimony and ministry through his craft. Come back on Weds for more info on him and a give away!!


When leaving work I saw this on the ground.

Can you tell what it is? At first I wasn't sure but upon closer inspection we (my co-worker and I) saw it was human hair and a lot of it! We were grossed out but also intrigued enough to take a picture. I don't know who's it is or how it got there, and I don't think I want to!


Today a very dear friend took me to lunch.

This is Anita. I pray that you have an "Anita" in your life! She is an encourager, a listener, a wise and real woman who loves the Lord! She is an amazing example of what a Godly wife and mother look like and I am so blessed to call her friend!!

The next picture is what I encountered when I got home that afternoon.

Ella had come home from school with a headache and fever! Let the next round of sickies begin.


Today the kids had a snow day. We had a blizzard over night! I am not joking, that is what it was dubbed. I ended up not feeling good, but still mustered the energy to play some games with the kids.

Ethan taking his turn.

Ella taking hers. This is a game called Make 'N Break and it is very fun! It says for ages 8 and up but we all play it. It's a building game and it was a great Snow Day activity!


Another snow day and I was still down. I was still in my jammies from Tuesday night! I know...gross! This is how the dog kept me company.

He sits on my lap and the computer. It makes typing very difficult!


Kyla loves to take pictures. She got a hold of the camera so I thought I would share some of her work.

A self portrait is always in the mix!

And here is a shot she took of Ella's camera. Watch for more work in an upcoming issue of National Geographic! :)

BTW, still feeling lousy..went to the doctor and have strep and a virus. Come on antibiotics!


Have you had these before?

They are Scotch eggs. It's hard boiled eggs, rolled in crumbled sausage and breadcrumbs and then deep fried. They are served with a spicy mustard for dipping. Quite delicious!

I hope that you have had a great week with no sickness, some fun games and even some extra jammie time! Make sure you come back Wednesday for a special give away!!


  1. looking forward to hearing more about Luke!

    That hair is GROSS!!! girl fight?

    sorry you were sick, at least you were snowed in and didn't miss work!!! hope everyone is feeling better now!

    Never heard of Scotch eggs....interesting.

  2. I hope I remember to come back Wednesday (remember Wed is my extremely busy day this week)!

    Uh hair, on the ground? Gross!

    I have never heard of Scotch Eggs. I think I would make you make them for me before I tried them out :)

  3. That hair is simply disturbing??

    Hope you are feeling better! You're such a good mom... not feeling well, and playing games with the kids. You win extra brownie points! ;)

    I hope that's not gross being in jammies that long. ;) I'm sure even Martha Stewart wears clothes twice before washing. ha.

    Our girlies love taking their own pix, too. They come up with some stuff, don't they?

  4. I hate hair that isn't on my head, which is why cleaning the bathroom is hard for me, not sure if I could have kept my cookies down seeing that on the ground.

    Can't wait to hear more about Luke.

  5. Here's my story - somebody had it in for someone else & snuck up behind her & cut off part of her ponytail. Heh. Silly Reese - he looks fascinated by whatever is on your computer. I'm sorry you weren't feeling well - hopefully you're on your way to good health now! Those scotch eggs look delicious!

  6. That salad looks so yummy. Sorry about the temp...that is going around up here too but thankfully we have not encountered it yet. Praying not at all.
    Yuck to all that hair. Ever fiind out about it?