Sunday, February 20, 2011

Project 365-Week 8

This week has seemed very long. It has been emotional on many fronts and exhausting, but as always, God continues to provide just what is needed at just the right times. Despite everything there of course has to be pictures!


I had to work all day. When I came home I saw this.

All of our kids plus Carrie's two "A's" having popcorn and watching a movie.


I had a long night and needed to head back out today but found this before I left.

I found the clump of blonde hair on the floor with scissors nearby. I only have one child with long enough blonde hair for this! UGH!!!


It warmed up a little today and when I came home the girls were having a ball outside!

I think it is funny to see them zooming around on their scooters with all the snow in the background. That's life in Indiana!


Any ideas what this is a picture of?

Let me hear your guess!


Tonight Bryce and I went to see Ethan in his school play. (Kevin and the girls went Wednesday night). The play was 101 Dalmations and Ethan was Pongo.

He did a great job!!


Today was letter "X" day for Kyla at school. They made this adorable craft...

Isn't that a cute X-ray?


The girls put on dress up dresses tonight and were being silly. Big surprise, I know!

They make me smile and I needed some of those this week!

I hope you have had a great week!!


  1. It is the soap from the car wash..... I know cause I did the same thing this week....

  2. yep, car wash....however it does look like the inside of a blender too!!!

    so which lovely girl cut her hair?!!! I would so love to know why that is a fascination for kids!!! All my kids cut their hair at one point or another...Alyssa did it twice!!!

  3. Oh no! I hope the self-haircut wasn't too bad! As for the picture, it doesn't look good, esp. considering the previous haircut picture:)

  4. Car wash! Hope that you have a great week. Miss you!

  5. I cut my bangs when I was a kid - a nice chunk out of the middle. It was a sign of things to
    come - I trim my bangs now too, but I do a LITTLE better job LOL.

    I know! You're in a carwash!

    Love their dress up dresses!

  6. Cutest Pongo ever. :) And the hair, oh my! Did I ever mention the time Gracie cut 1/2 of one of her piggy-tails off?! Yikes. Girls and dress-up... such a fun stage!