Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Winners!!

We have winners in the Mud Love give away! And please note, I did say winners! (Sorry for my delay in getting this up) Here are my trusty assistants from the accounting firm of Bathing Suits and Candy to confirm the results.

Congratulations everyone for winning! (Tawn I will hook you up with something too!)

Here are the official results:
Sara won the black Grace bracelet.
Rebecca Jo won the black Faith bracelet.
Shell won the pink Love bracelet.
Christine won the purple Grace bracelet.
Amy won the Grace pottery vase.

Please email me your information so I can get your prizes to you. And don't forget when people ask where it's from to send them to Luke's sight at Mud Love!


  1. yea! I am so excited for get this bracelet!!! I am pretty sure you have my address..

    I have to say, I was so sad when Ella said my name and it was like she didn't know me....wahhhhhhhh!!!! I hate moving!!!

  2. In training for Barkers Beauties, I see : )

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