Sunday, May 1, 2011

Project 365-Week 17

Another week that is another week late! I have been keeping up the pictures but not finding the time to post. Here we go...


Someone was using my camera today.

I think it is pretty cute for taking it themselves!


It has been so nice seeing the sun every once in a while. I think someone else is glad to see it too.

Reese is always looking for a sunny spot to rest in.


Someone lost another tooth! This girl is bound and determined to get them out even if they aren't very wiggly!

She has a lot of holes in there!

This next picture was when she got out of the van to go into school. Another special friend was walking in too.

Ella was so excited to catch up to him. That may or may not be the recipient of last week's note. :)


Someone was using my camera again today.

Reese is a popular subject with Kyla.


Today Grammie helped with the kids while I was at work. Guess what they got to do with her?

Color eggs! Now what will we do with 4 dozen eggs?


No picture today.


Came home from work and the girls were in the tub waiting for me. This is how I found them.

Aren't they silly?

After their bath, I dried their hair and we put in foam rollers to try to have some curls for Easter.

We'll see how this goes!

Hope you have had a great week!!

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