Sunday, May 8, 2011

Project 365-Week 19

Another week over and we're in is this happening? This past school year is a blur with all of the crazy schedule changes that happened here, but this week some important milestones happened. Here's a look.


Had to work all day. No picture today.


Today was our last teacher luncheon at the pre-school. We did an old fashioned board walk theme with a great picnic spread, waffle cones, salt water taffy, cotton candy. You get the idea. The best part was this...

I obtained vintage swimsuits for them to wear!! They were great sports and actually looked quite nice in their suits! Oh how I love those ladies!!


After Kyla and I dropped Ella off to school today we came home to clean in the living room for a while. Kyla helped pick things up and move furniture so we could do a thorough sweeping. She even wanted to sweep!

She was so cute sweeping and I know that her willingness to help won't always be there, so I was happy for her enthusiasm today. As a side note, with working so much things at home have been neglected. Can I tell you the great joy I had in cleaning today? I know, weird!


Houston, we have a bike rider!!

Ethan decided he wanted to learn to ride a bike. So I went outside and helped him and he picked it up super quickly! He is so proud of himself and I am so proud of him too! And so thankful I got to be a part of it!!

Only a couple of falls, but even those were deemed ok.

Thumbs up and ready to go again!


Tonight was Ella's first softball game. I was off work all day today and was so excited to take her. (Kevin had to work in the concession stand for Ethan's team)

She is trying, but hitting that machine pitched ball is going to have a learning curve to it!

One of her biggest fans was there as well. And of course I had to snap a picture of her with evidence of a concession stand treat.

Those Blue Raspberry Ring Pops will get you every time!


Today was Ella's Kindergarten graduation. (school isn't over until May 31, but you do it when you can)
The students did a cute little reading using the letters to Kindergarten and sang some songs. Then there was the ever important presentation of the certificate!

Here she is with her certificate!!

With Mrs. Curry, her teacher.

Ella I am so very proud of you!! You have grown so much this year and are a wonderful and smart young lady!


Today before I had to go to work, Kristine came over with her new dog, Angus. What a sweet boy and Reese was excited to meet a new friend!


Worked this morning and got off in time to get up for Bryce's game. Guess who was pitching?

He did a great job! I can not even begin to express how thankful I was to be there. To watch my son strike batters out and then run off the field with a smile on his face and pumping his fist because he was happy. Priceless!!

Later tonight we went to Rocco's for dinner. The teachers at the pre-school had given our family a gift certificate at Christmas and we finally made it there! Delicious!

It's a great family owned place with fabulous Italian food and pizza! We really enjoyed it!! Thank you Salem friends!

On the way home Kevin spotted this in the sky.

This rainbow was so wide and you could see the whole color spectrum! What a fabulous way to finish the day!!

My heart needed this week so badly! I pray that your week has made you more aware of those you love and the things that matter most to you too.


  1. Great week...we are in the midst of baseball season so I love seeing your season! We are almost done with school...9 days left! whoo hoo! We do something like that for our kindergarteners too...lots of fun! And pizza out is one of our fav things and waht a beautiful sight...God's promise!

  2. Nice blue tongue!

    We are in the middle of our season and I love seeing all the ball pictures around the blogosphere. Great job Bryce!

  3. I'm so glad you had a good week! Congrats to all your kids for their accomplishments this week (personally I think the sweeping wins - heh). And then a rainbow! Gorgeous!