Monday, May 16, 2011

Project 365-Week 20

This week was interesting as 3 of the 4 kids were sick at some point. Thankful the rest of us didn't get it and that we still managed to have a good week!


Happy Mother's Day!! SO nice to be able to go to church with my family today! After church we went to brunch at Granite City. Very yummy, plus I didn't have to make it! :)
Here is one of the very special things I received for Mother's Day.

Kyla made this beautiful wreath at school. Those hand prints were from the painting project I helped with a few weeks ago. What a special treasure!!


Ella stayed home from school today not feeling well and then I got a call from the middle school that Bryce was ill.

You know she doesn't feel good if she is sleeping in the middle of the day!!
After Kevin got home from work, I headed in to work. When I got there I was surprised with some Mother's Day goodies from a couple of very special co-workers.

Aren't they gorgeous? Thank you Karissa and Robbie for treating me so very kindly!!


Tummy bug still hanging around and Bryce and Ella stayed home from school again. When Kevin got home he took a walk in the woods. Wonder what he could be looking for?

Morels. This is all he found up, but he marked the spot with some sticks in hopes that he will find more.


It has gotten warm here and the kids think it is the middle of the summer. They asked if they could put their suits on and play. Here is what I found.

You might be a redneck if your kids swim in a bucket!! :)

Ice cream is always a good treat when it's hot and someone got their first taste of it.



Stayed home today from work due to a stubborn tummy bug that just won't leave the house! By dinner time everyone seemed to be doing better and eating more than they had in days, so progress!
Bryce also had his final choir concert this evening.

Can you spot him?


Today I made dinner for one of the teachers from the pre-school that had surgery. For dessert I made two pies. I needed help crushing the vanilla wafers for the peach crumb topped pie.

Jumping on them will surely crush them, right? If not, it sure was fun to watch her!


When I got home from work tonight my body hurt. Felt like I had been working out for hours. So, had to resort to this.

Bad picture, but it's ibuprofen. Anyone who knows me, knows I don't take things unless it is bad. Hopefully some rest will help. I'll have to try to fit that in.

Hope you have had a fantastic week and that you are healthy at your house!


  1. LOL I have a picture of me at about age 3 sitting in a bucket but I don't think it had any water in it. LOVE the jumping picture - she looks so happy. I'm sorry you're feeling poorly - hopefully you'll feel better this week.

  2. Hi, Tori.
    Sorry the stomach bug made its way to your house... but it looks like you had some sweet moments anyway. I have a wreath just like the one Kyla made from my girls when Madelyn was 4 and Chloe was just a baby. It's a Christmas wreath, so I hang it every year... SO precious.
    It's hard to believe we had such warm days last week, based on THIS week! But that's normal for IN, I guess. My girls made it into their suits as well! :)
    Hope you're all feeling better this week! May God bless you with a extra sweet day!

  3. oh no. tummy bug and reason for pain meds are no good. hope everyone is feeling better now! love the 'redneck' entertainment. *giggle*