Friday, March 19, 2010

Frumpy Friday

In my last Frumpy Friday post I showed you what I looked like a year ago and gave some of the basic changes I made.

One of the biggest changes was really pressing in to God. My previous habit was when I was stressed or emotional about something, food was my comfort. It usually wasn't a huge binge, but something going in my mouth. I really needed to become deliberate when those emotional feelings would come on.

I tried something new, instead of sticking something in my mouth, I would let something out of my mouth. Sometimes a prayer for strength, a word or song of praise and to keep it real, pleading to change my taste buds from liking M&M's so much! But the things coming out were to God, about God and for Him. It sounds almost too simple but it was hard!

The more I did it, the easier it became. It started to become my Holy Habit. (I've been studying Daniel and boy does he have a Holy Habit!) The amazing thing was, my taste buds really did change. I could go to Dairy Queen and not begrudge anyone, because I really didn't want it. I could eat one M&M and savor that taste and it was enough. God did some amazing things!

The thing about weight loss or anything else that we need help with is that we can not just stop doing "the thing" without replacing it with something else. My pastor has really been emphasizing this in messages and it's true. If I just focus on the "no" then I feel restricted, penalized and can become resentful. If I focus on the "yes" or the replacement, I am liberated, free and can see benefits. I don't feel boxed in by what I can't do anymore.

My family can attest to the change in me and Glory to God, so can I!
So here is a picture of the one item of clothing I have kept from the larger size. These are the jeans that I had on in that picture last March.

Now look what fits it these jeans.

I want to emphasize that this has NEVER been about numbers or a size for me. We don't even have a scale in our house. It was, and is, about being healthy and energetic for myself and my family. The best thing has been the discipline that God has so lovingly given me. I still have rough days, but God is still there to help, guide and shape.

Tune in next week for some more pictures!!


  1. oh wow! that is awesome! i have struggled soo much with this. i did the spiritual route once too, and did well but didn't stick to it. that seems to be my problem...sticking to anything for more than a few weeks. you have every right to enjoy your rewards, you have stayed the course and God has blessed you! i guess i should start to pray that I could have the strength to do the same. thanks for sharing really is motivating. :D

  2. Wow... I am so glad I found this post on your blog... I am a recent follower of your blog because of Project 365.... I have the exact same feelings ... I wantt o be healthier not to be skinny and fit into the picture society has given but because I want to have energy and I want to take care of my body for Christ. I am going to pray like you have mentioned and look forward to seeing the Lord work in my life. Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. Very inspiring!

    You GO girl! God is so very good and can help us in all things if we will only step aside and allow him access to all part of our life!