Sunday, March 14, 2010

Project 365- Week 11

Week 11 was enjoyed as we had sun so many days this week!! Somehow, the sun always makes everything better, doesn't it? Enjoy a peek at my week...


Reese has gotten used to many things, but there is one thing that he still does not like....

He thinks the vacuum is his enemy. I have given him treats with it on and off, moving and still, but he still barks his head off and attacks it.


Grammie and Grandpa came up tonight so they could watch the Notre Dame women's basketball game. The girls convinced Grammie to play a game of Life. On a related note, the Life game they sell now is so much different then the one I used to play. I think I like the old way better.


Do you know what this is?

As Ella so eloquently put it, "It's the cone of shame!" (she learned that from UP) Reese was neutered today and they sent him home with this on. He couldn't eat because it wouldn't allow his head to the bowl and he kept hitting it on the ground and startling himself. At discharge they said he needed to wear it for 2 weeks and not run or jump during that time. All I can say is, we are not following the discharge orders but he is happy and fine.


Over the weekend we found that our van had a leaky radiator and by leaky I mean there was nothing left in it and we had to keep putting water in. (Auto maintenance is not a strong suit in our house) Took it in to be repaired and after being without it all day I was thankful to have it back again!


Another nice day and the girls wanted to go for a drive....

I guess they are never too young to start! :)


Ethan went to a friend's birthday party tonight and the theme was gross things. What could make a group of 7 & 8 year old boys happier? This is the goody bag they sent home and a few of the goodies from it.

Funny side note. They were playing a game where you had to dig through intestines (cold spaghetti) looking for "body parts". The birthday boy got so grossed out while doing it that he actually threw up. How is that for irony!!

Saturday (2 today)

This first picture is an update. Remember in this post when I talked about going bald and the special stuff I am using? Well today I went to get my haircut and my stylist said I actually have new growth and that my hair felt much thicker. I can't tell yet, but it made me happy!

A very special friend brought me this bracelet today. It was so very sweet of her and a great reminder to believe and remember that God is always there. Thanks Jamie!

Hope you've had a great week!


  1. what is it about dogs and vacuums? ours doesn't like it either and will either run or attack.

    The game of LIFE is my favorite!!! we have spent many a night playing it in this house!

    What a perfect boy party! and how funny that the birthday boy couldn't play the game!!! that is hilarious!

    menopause has caused my hair to fall out in droves!! how did you find out about this stuff?

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving your nice comment! We have a cat that attacks the vaccuum too, so don't feel bad! And none of us are very mechanically inclined either, but I hope your car didn't cost too much!

    I'll probably pop by again sometime!

  3. We have an electronic version of LIFE. The grandkids love that game.
    Yeah for new hair! And hope and faith and friends, and funny kids and birthdays!

  4. what a great week, i have never heard of a 'gross' themed birthday party, what a clever idea for boys! lol.

    those girls will continue going for 'drives' for their entire teenage girls just pulled out of the driveway in a REAL jeep to go crusing and listening to music. lol.

    and lastly the game of LIFE, i haven't played the new version...i will have to check that out. i remember the one we played as kids and it was always super fun!

  5. great pictures... my dog loves to play when I am cleaning. She especially loves the broom... she even tried to chew it.

  6. Not sure I would be brave enough to host a gross party - but what a hoot! Sounds like they had a blast. (literally???)

  7. What a perfect gift bag for boys! thats too funny!

    beautiful bracelet - & special from a friend

    i LOVE a cone of shame. always used to laugh at our dogs when they had to wear them. (i'm so mean - haha!)

    my yellow lab tries to eat my vacuum when i turn it on - gets very aggravating!

    the game of life... always TOO life-like for me - give me a game that doesnt make me pay bills! :)

  8. I thought the "cone of shame" was a lampshade. LOL
    Too funny about the birthday boy -- didn't think anything could be TOO gross for boys!
    Yay for hair growth! Mine isn't thinning but it isn't growing as fast as it used to. I've gone 6 weeks since my last haircut and it's grown maybe 1/4 inch. At the most.
    Such a sweet bracelet! What a blessing to have good friends :-)
    Have a great week!

  9. oh, poor, poor reese. that birthday party theme sounds perfect for a group of boys! ;)