Sunday, March 21, 2010

Project 365-Week 12

Week 12 has been a warm and sunny week for the most past, and we enjoyed it! Here's a glimpse around the Yoder house this week.


I finally wore these shoes today. Only, I didn't think about the fact that I had to sing at all 3 morning services and at the PS service that evening. 8 hours in these...

..made these feel really good!

(And yes, I need to polish my toes!!)


Today we had a luncheon at Ella's school honoring one of the teachers, Mrs. Marsh. (we do this each month for a different teacher) Each luncheon has a different theme, food, etc according to that teacher's liking. The woman who organized this one focussed on chocolate and set up this chocolate cafe that each teacher filled a goodie bag from.

Ella also learned how to make a volcano out of vinegar and baking soda.

Daddy helping her.



It was a gorgeous day today!! We ran errands and then were outside as much as we could be.

Modeling new shoes.

Spinning in Miss Michelle's backyard while Bryce was in piano lessons.

Swinging and reading while Bryce was in his lesson.

And this is Blue-Do. Very special friends, Shaun and Kylie got this for Ella for Valentine's Day when she was around 18 months. She took a special liking to him, named him, loved him and still carries him around at 5 1/2. He is special!


Happy St. Patrick's Day! In honor of the day, I got the kids these....

Shamrock Shakes! My mom used to get these for me all of the time when I was little. I would always be so excited for March to come so we could get them. I didn't have one this year, since Jillian would not approve, but the kids sure enjoyed them and I enjoyed sharing the memory!


Another beautiful day could only mean one thing...


And one crazy puppy running.

...and running!


What in the world could these pants mean?

You can go here to find out.

We also went to eat & play with great friends tonight! After we ate the kids were all playing so the adults played too. This is what we did.

Beatles Rock Band! So much fun!!


I went shopping at the outlet mall in Michigan city with Carrie today. Of course I forgot to take a picture there. It was freezing, windy and kept shifting from rain to snow. Yucky day for walking outside! Anyway, came home and saw this in a parking lot...

You should have heard these gulls squawking! I am sure they were saying, "What happened to the nice, sunny weather?!"

Hope you have had a super week!!!


  1. Ah, the price feet pay to looks stylish!

    That's what I love about spring (actually, I love probably everything about spring when it actually gets here) new shoes and being outside!

    Your puppy is too cute!

  2. Wonderful photos of the week! And congrats on the weight loss. Loved that post about how and why! Have definitely seen a theme of outdoor photos on everyone's blogs today :-) Even though most will probably get another winter blast (or more), the Spring-like weather y'all have recently experienced is most welcomed! My daughter was saying this past week was just gorgeous in northern IN.

  3. I've never even heard of shammrock shakes!! They look yummy though!

    Love to see a kiddo reading! :)

    how did you capture that running dog - looks like it was off to the races with that sprint

  4. Great week... I love those shoes but that would have been a very LONG day to be in those high heels...
    We too had some lovely weather followed by clouds and rain but I am thankful for the rain because without it we would be in really hard times.
    I look forward to hearing more of your journal to being healthy... God knows how badly I need it and am praying for strength.

  5. Your puppy is so cute!

    There's no way I could even buy shoes like that - comfort over style has won the day in my heart LOL.

    Now I'm off to read your weight loss story - I need some inspiration!

  6. You're a better woman than me, I'd of kicked those shoes off (really cute BTW) long before 8 hours.

    Great 365, now I'm off to see what the pants are about!


  7. We love Mrs. Marsh!!!!!
    And the shakes look so good. I kind of forgot it was St. Patty's Day! You look terrific and I'll bet you feel really great, too!

  8. Cute shoes although I am not sure my tootsies could handle those for that long! And yum! LOVE shamrock shakes! As for shopping at Michigan City...we used to go all the time when visiting my grandparents who used to live in LaPorte! What a fun memory! Hope you got some good deals!

  9. Have a great week my friend! I too enjoyed the winter reprieve. This is the time of year I can't wait to get out the capris and sandals!

  10. As a fellow singer, I understand the need for comfortable shoes. ;)

    Your pup is so cute! Our dog loves to take off running like that too! On muddy days, I make her run up and down the stairs indoors. Ha!

  11. Cute shoes! Could you have worn those a year ago? Congrats on your new healthy lifestyle; it's such an encouragement.

    The chocolate themed party is cool! Such a good idea.

    My family enjoys Shamrock Shakes too, but in our area they ran out of the mixture quite early in the month. My husband asked why they didn't have them and he heard a rant about manufacturing. Instead Mark got an Apple Pie shake. gross.

    It's been a little too wet for us to enjoy spring as whole-heartedly as your family, but looking forward to it! Love the pure joy on each face, including the dog. :)

  12. I've never had Shamrock shakes but they look really festive. For some reason I forgot to post a green picture for March 17th but oh well, we celebrated with crazy green hats.

    Love that you all played the wii game together (or was it playstation?) Isn't it sooo much fun?!