Sunday, March 28, 2010

Project 365-Week 13

Here is a peek at our week.


People hanging around talking after group. I am so thankful for all of these people!


Do you know what this is?

This would be gum in a certain 3 year old's hair soaking in vinegar. And yes, vinegar works. Something about it loosens the gum. We've used it more than once on hair and even on clothes.



It was crazy dress up day at Ella's school today. Could she have on any more patterns or colors?!


What is so special about this picture? It is the gentleman in the picture that really makes it special. This is Mr. Rick. Mr. Rick was Bryce's table leader at church Kdg-3rd grade and now he is Ethan's. Mr. Rick baptized Bryce and has such a special place in our family. He and his wife Connie, are always supporting, praying for and encouraging our kids.

Mr. Rick saw Bryce and Ethan out shooting hoops on his way home from work, so he stopped to play a game of "horse" with them. Thank you Mr. Rick!! You made their day and mine!!


Tonight was our school corporations spell bowl. Each elementary school sends a team of 3rd, 4th and 5th graders to compete. Bryce has been on the team all 3 years and they were the champions last year. Could they repeat?

Yes they did!! It took a spell off, but they won!! Congratulations Bryce!!


Kyla received this umbrella from a Bible study friend and she won't put it down. She has even been sleeping with it!!


Usually when the girls have their baths, I dry their hair, but Daddy was in demand tonight! I would say she looks like she is enjoying it!!

That's a glimpse at the week here. How has your week been?


  1. I love the Crazy dress up day! I thought she was being Pippi Longstocking for a sec :)

  2. Your crazy dressed girl is so very crazy and cute! Love it! And I will have to remember that about vinegar...never knew!

  3. I have never heard of using vinegar to get gum out of hair but I will remember that... not that it happens often to me but it's one of those good tidbits to know...


  4. vinegar is an amazing thing and so good for a lot of things!!

    It is such a great blessing to have other adults invest in our children!!

    way to go Bryce!!!

  5. Is it scary that I actually LIKE Ella's outfit? Too cute!

    That was really special that Mr. Rick stopped by - what a good man.

  6. Now that is a crazy outfit, I love it. Gum in hair, been there done that!! What a special person in your kids life, that relationship will mold their entire lives, just because someone who isn't family cares...Priceless!!

  7. Cute pictures. I love the crazy outfit and the umbrella was adorable. We so want a basketball hoop. Maybe soon.

  8. Vinegar, huh? I've done peanut butter before. That works as well, but it's messy. I'll definitely have to try vinegar next time. ('Cause I'm SURE there will be a next time. Odds are.)

    How sweet is it that "Mr. Rick" stopped by to play hoops with the kids? I think that's so cool of him.

    She's SLEEPING with her umbrella?!! That is so cute!!

  9. Tori - never knew about the vinegar trick... will have to try it! Julia would be so into Ella's umbrella. She is always trying to borrow our when there is the slightest sprinkle... Have a blessed week my friend!

  10. Why not gum in hair for Crazy Day? ;)

  11. Laughing at the gum in the hair. didnt know about the vinegar trick but I'll tuck that little tidbit away for next time...and it WILL happen.

    I think its so cute how kids attach themselves to something and even sleep with it. I can see why she likes it!

  12. Thanks for the gum tip! That could come in handy. ;) Oh... and every girl needs a good pic with a fan. hehe...