Wednesday, March 3, 2010

It has a ring to it

Today is a special day. 20 years ago today, Kevin and I went on our first date. We went to the Soda Shop and have been together ever since.
We were dance partners in swing choir, so we were around each other all of the time. He was a senior and I was a junior. I grew quite fond of him. He was funny and kind. There was something different about him and it was magnetic.
Turns out he liked me too, but didn't want anyone to know. When it was time to choreograph our Christmas program, the choreographer asked him if he wanted me to be his partner and out of embarrassment that she might figure it out he said, "No, she makes passes at me." What???!!
Well, I later heard of this information and did my friend and I ever have a fun time with it! We would flip our hair and say, "Hi Kevin!" in dripping sweet voices. It was funny. I am chuckling now just thinking of it.
A little more time passed, our choir took a trip to San Francisco to perform at a national conference and Kevin and I really enjoyed each other's company. So finally on March 3rd we went out. You know the funny thing? I knew on our second date that he was going to be my husband. Crazy, right?
After a little time of dating my hand looked like this...

I have to put on a picture of this. Did anyone else do this so that their boyfriend's class ring would fit? It is wrapped with dental floss and then coated in nail polish (matching of course). Every so often I would soak it in remover, cut the floss off and do a fresh wrap and coat. I doubt it would come off very easily now, since it's been there 20 years.

Then my hand looked like this....

My promise ring.

Then my hand changed to this...

We were engaged for 3 years while finishing college. It gave me a long time to make wedding plans!

Then May 20th my hand changed to this...

All of those years, all of life's adventures and I would do it all again! Kevin, thanks for sharing a Green River with me, for letting me make passes at you, for loving me enough to put up with me and most of all for sharing God's love with me. You are a gift and I am so very thankful for you!


  1. that is so sweet!!! Little did I know that you were so "fast" Tori! ha!

    Now a days, I think you would see duct tape instead of dental floss!!!

  2. How cute! I knew Matt would be my husband very early on too. When you know, you just know!

  3. sweet, my parents have that same anniversary and have been married over 40 years's a good day for weddings. :D

  4. Tori - what a lovely story - I like the ring it has!