Saturday, August 28, 2010

Project 365-Week 35

Is it me, or are the weeks just going by faster? It has been a good week around here and everyone seems to be back into the routine of school. Here is a peek at our week.


Finally, one bloomed!!

Many more are ready to open any time. I love sunflowers and we planted these quite a while ago. It's been fun to watch them get so tall (most are taller than me) and now to see one open!


This is how Reese is whenever someone comes in or out the front door.

He has never tried to jump or fallen through. (yet!) If you stop on the landing, he will give you kisses too.


Today was a bittersweet day. I went over to Lori's to say goodbye to her daughter Melissa before she left for college the next morning. To say I love this girl, is an understatement. She has been such a blessing to me and my family! And my girls, well let's just say they A.D.O.R.E. her!

I love you sweet one and can't wait to see what God has planned for this new chapter of your life!


Today I took the girls the post office to send off their hair. We decided to go with Locks of Love.

There is 23" of hair in that envelope that will help to change some one's life.

And away it goes!!
On a side note. The woman that helped us at the post office was a breast cancer survivor. When she realized what they had done she started thanking them and making a huge deal over what they had done. She insisted that they hold the breast cancer stamps and have their picture taken. She even lifted them up to where they are in this picture.

She gave them coloring books for being such sweet girls too. BTW, do you notice the animal pictures between them? Those are Animal Rescue note cards and stamps that the post office sell. She thought that was a great cause too and should be represented with the girls. I guess you had to be there to appreciate and laugh at the production that was made.


Guess who I found in the backyard being naughty?

Another soda can!! This one didn't turn out quite as bad as the one last week.

I've heard that if you crunch ice you are iron deficient. What would you be if you crunch aluminum?


Tonight Ella was not very happy with Kevin. She didn't want to go to bed and of course he was firm with her that she needed to. She brought this out to him.

She made this at pre-school 2 years ago. Every week they would send home a simple Bible verse and we would keep them in this. She wanted Kevin to read various ones to her to help him understand how upset she was. He read them and there were many about love, etc. Then he read this one.

She said, "I don't like that one. I'm going to throw it away!" If you notice the paper is crumpled and smoothed back out. I guess God dealt with her drama!


I guess I haven't shared this, but I got a job. I have worked for a couple of weeks and am not sure how much I will be working yet. I was hired and have worked at one retail store that is opening another brand at our mall. The past two weeks I've been helping get that store set and ready for the grand opening tomorrow. Tonight I had to bring home my blank name tag to get it ready for tomorrow. Here is what I did.

Does anyone know the name of the store where I will be wearing this? The first person to answer correctly will get a special prize from me! And no fair answering if you are someone to whom I have disclosed this information to. Have fun guessing!!

Hope you have had a fantastic week and I'll look forward to seeing your guesses!


  1. I have no idea which store it is because we almost never shop at the mall. But I hope you enjoy your new job! And what's up with that pup? Is he a goat in dog's clothing?

  2. Aren't the weeks going by faster?!
    Dogs are very entertaining for sure - not sure why a can is appealing to a dog, but there are many things that appeal to them that I don't get!
    That is an awesome story about the girls and their hair, what a fun way to send it off!
    Your story about Ella cracked me up - we still have our verses too!
    I have no idea where you will are working . . . I haven't been to the mall in eons . . . can't even make a guess!

  3. sending these kids off to college is so bittersweet!! I am praying that Melissa calls Lori more than my son is calling me!!! ha!

    So funny about the scripture verse!!!

    let's see, I am guessing it is a music store? although I have NO idea what one....guess I lose!

  4. Ooh - that sunflower is gorgeous! We're hoping that they've planted a field near us in sunflowers, but it seems sort of late for that.

    I never go to the mall either - although the bright colors remind me of, what is it, The Children's Place?

  5. The sunflower is just beautiful. We had one bloom one year and it was huge.
    Yeah for sending off their hair. My daughter had great joy in donating.
    Your doggie is adorable...trouble maker or not. CUTE
    Love that she wanted to throw away the obey your kids want to throw that verse away most days too.
    Are you working for Gymboree or the Family Christian Bookstore?

  6. Great name tag, but no idea where you will be wearing it, except to do with music, I guess, or a Christian bookstore?
    Loved all your little anecdotes this week and the sunflower.
    Your pup is so cute and mischievous!
    Have fun at work!

  7. I wanna guess but I know the answer... I hope that you like it there...

  8. That sunflower is beautiful! Great name tag...looks like the work of a scrapbooker. that is so very awesome that your beautiful little girls donated their hair to locks of love...and I love that they look so very proud.

  9. So I rarely comment on blogs, but I have to this time! I was talking with another girl this weekend who told me she is also working at....CRAZY 8's, is that it?! She told me it's the new Gymboree sister store. I can't wait to check it out!!

  10. OK I'm gonna guess 'Monkey Joe's" since there is a monkey on the name tag!

    Good for you getting a part time job! Very fortunate! I am tossing the idea around myself. I used to have a part time admin assistant job about a year ago. But with the economy being what it is I am still a bit undecided about getting back out there.

    We have done Love Locks a few time. The DD has done it about three times and I have done it several time myself. It is such a wonderful thing to do.


  11. Wow that sunflower is amazing, just love it. Congrats to your girls, what an lovely gift and one that will stick with them for a long time. I love how God sneaks in and helps you out in precarious moments!!

    Great week.

  12. are you going to Monkey Joe's? My niece LOVES that place!!
    great pics...especially Reese...I'm missing my dog.

  13. First of all, your pup cracks me up! The sunflower is beautiful. I love that you took pix of the girls at the post office, too. I will have to remember that when my girls decide it's time to donate theirs. Congratulations on the new job! Hope you enjoy it!

    {your card will be in the mail tomorrow} :)