Saturday, August 21, 2010

Project 365-Week 34

A week of new beginnings and transitions. A week of watching one head off to middle school and one start kindergarten. A week of laughing and marveling at how very blessed I am!


It was group night tonight. Every year before school starts we always have an ice cream sundae night and then pray over all of the kids before sending them off to school. This year it happened to fall on a regular meeting night so I wanted to add something fun for our whole group to do together. We ate (as always) and then before praying for the kids we played "Minute to Win It". Have you seen the show on NBC? It is really fun and uses common items from around the house for games.

Some of the kids playing "Hanky Pannky". You have to pull all of the kleenex out of a box using only 1 hand in 60 seconds.

The living room was covered in tissue! No one did it, but they all had fun throwing them on me when it was done!

Here are some brave contestants playing "Penny Hose". In this game you place a penny in the bottom of each leg of pantyhose. Without using your body, other hand or any object to help, you have to wiggle your hands down to retrieve the pennies.

There was some success at this game.

Another game was "Noodling Around". In this one you place a piece of uncooked spaghetti in your mouth. You then have to pick up 6 uncooked penne noodles from around the table.

Rick was close and gave strategic pointers to players who followed.

Michelle almost had it and she is pregnant to boot!!

It was a really fun evening!


Grammie wanted to go do something with the kids one more time before school started, so off to miniature golf we went. Anything is fun if it with Grammie!

Resting in the gazebo while we let faster players play through.


The morning glories are really abundant. Here's the top of the fence.

I love how low maintenance these are!! Even I haven't killed them!!


First day of school for Ethan and Bryce. (Ella had orientation today, with her first day tomorrow)

Ethan before the bus picked him up at 7:35.

I'd say he looks pretty excited about 2nd grade!

Bryce before the bus came for Jr. High at 8:45.

Looking handsome and cool!


Today was Ella's first day and she was so excited!! We have 1/2 day kdg, so I take her at 11:50 and the the bus brings her home at 2:30. Here she is before.

In the outfit she chose because it was "special and just right!"

Here she is when she got out of the van.

I would say she was ready. No looking back, just took off running and waving! That's a good thing!!

And here she is after she got home.

She is literally jumping up and down telling me about everything at school. Yes kindergarten, I think you and Ella will get along just fine!


Do you have any odd animal eating stories? Reese gave me one tonight. I found him in the backyard with this.

This WAS a Vanilla Coke Zero can. He took it from a recycle container on the back porch and took off. I of course couldn't get it from him and he wasn't dropping it for anything. This is all I could find of it. I don't know if he ate the rest or what. dog is crazy!!


Ever had burgers that look like this?

Kevin and I were treated to 5 Guys Burgers tonight. Y.U.M!! Not something I would eat everyday but if you're craving a great burger, this would be a great place to get one!

That's a look at the week here. And for those of you wondering, Kyla doesn't start pre-school until the week after Labor Day, so her pics will be coming. Hope you have had a great week full of laughter and blessings too!!


  1. Sure, leave the hamburger picture for the pregnant woman to gawk at when she should be going to bed! ;) Glad everyone had such a great week. And good luck with the dog. Ours eats sticks and grass (and then throws them up on the floor), but I can't say she's ever eaten a pop can.

  2. wow, JH and Kindergarten....they are growing up fast!!! It still cracks me up that the Penn district sends the little kids out early to the bus and the bigger kids later....especially when it starts getting dark!!

    we just got a 5 guys here. I haven't tried it but my boys love it!!!

  3. Great first day of school pics!!

    Oh my goodness...those burgers look sinfully delicious!

  4. Boy those burgers look yummy! We're getting ready to head out to lunch. Too bad we don't have a Red Robin near here LOL (the burger I get there looks similar to these).

    The kids look so cute in their first day of school pics!

    And, yes, your dog is crazy :)

  5. you surely had a busy week...lots of fun. love all the games. we have several 'five guys' here...they are very popular and very good...pricey though.

  6. I'm starving and you post that photo! LOL Seriously, one thing I miss is a good American style burger! All the burgers here are heavily seasoned and come with fried eggs. Yuck! Once in a while we go to the McDonald's in Cordoba just so I can get my burger fix, but McD's isn't my favorite. Better than nothing but... I have a growing list of foods to eat next year on furlough :)

    What happy first-day-of-school photos! Now if we could just keep them that excited. hahaha

    You'll probably be finding pieces of that pop can for weeks...hopefully not by stepping on them barefoot!

    Have a great week!

  7. How fortunate we are to have a small group leader like yourself!! You organize such wonderful things. The kids are still talking about a Minute to Win It... Have a great week my dear!

  8. Those burgers do look delish. YUM. The game night looked like so much fun. Well except the tissue clean up. LOL Yeah for back to school. I love seeing first day of school pictures. So cute.

  9. What a big week, Tori! We love Minute to Win It! Madelyn is planning on playing as many as possible at her birthday party, which is still months away! Big week of first for the kids! I'm glad everyone felt ready! Have another great one!

  10. Love morning glories!
    Such fun games, and even better--the purpose for group meeting.
    So, what are you going to do with all your time now? ;)

  11. We have Five Guys here as well, and yea they are really good burgers!

    Those looked like super fun games! especially the noodle and spaghetti one.

    I will have to keep that one in mind for our next slumber party!


  12. That game is hilarious; however, the stockings could be considered cruel and unusual punishment. Ha!

    I've been eating vegetarian, but those burgers made me salivate. Just a lil'. ;)

    Your dog is crackin' me up. No boo-boos from the can?

    Ella did a fab job picking out her cute outfit. I would totally wear that shirt. :)

    Maybe I should invest in some morning glories. Our flowers didn't last long in this Texas heat.

  13. oh... and for some reason, i thought i was following you already, but that's been remedied now! :)

  14. Love all the school pics. Your kids look like they are so excited. What a blessing!

    Your dog ate a Coke can?????? What in the world?!!

    We recently got a Five Guys down the road from us. Their fries are pretty amazing! It's definitely a once-in-a-while kind of place, though.