Saturday, August 14, 2010

Project 365-Week 33

This was it. The final full week of summer vacation. We made the most of it with some fun and some preparation for the new school year. Here's a peek.


This afternoon I took the girls to an art fair in Chesterton. We went to visit our special friend, Al of Clement Clayworks. He and his wife are potters and I met them several years ago at another art fair. I loved their things so much that I actually had them make me a 12 piece place setting. I love my pottery!! Anyway, 2 of my bowls had been broken and needed replacing. While there, the girls tried their hands at some art too!

Painting "kitty masks". They had a lot of fun and Mr. Al even gave them each their very own pottery mug to take home!


Today was a very special day!! Ella and Kyla have both been talking quite a bit about cutting their hair. I figured it was their choice and if they didn't like it, it would grow back. So here they are before.

And after...

13" off of Ella and 10" off of Kyla!

Kyla looking gorgeous!

Ella so pretty and grown up!
Now we just have to decide where to donate the pony tails. Locks of Love or Pantene Beautiful Lengths. Any suggestions?


Worked on the calendar today. Not exactly a fun task but necessary to keep an active family of 6 organized.

And for those of you who are noticing the colored Sharpie's. Yes, I color code my calendar! Each person has a color, with black being used for something that involves is all. Type A?...Perhaps a little!!


Today I took Bryce to the middle school to check out his locker and take a look around. There will be a formal walk through on Monday evening.

He whipped his combination around like a pro and had that locker opened in no time! I know he will do well, but am still praying God's protection over him as he enters this next stage of life!


Today was our end of summer annual tradition trip. For the past 4 years, before school starts, we take a day trip to Michigan's Adventure. It is a very nice amusement/water park about 2 1/2 hours from our house. We had a great time riding rides and playing in the water.

The kids enjoying the water!


Today Ethan and Ella got to find out who they would have as a teacher this year. We stopped in the kindergarten wing first. Look who found her name on the list!

She found her seat too!

Ella will be in Mrs. Curry's afternoon kindergarten class! She is so excited!! How can my little girl be ready for kindergarten?!!

Ethan also found his class and seat!

Ethan will be in Mrs. Rice's 2nd grade class! He also is excited!


Today I threw the kids for a loop! It was lunch time and I was asking what people wanted. Ethan said, "I wish we could have ice cream for lunch!" I said, "Ok, what kind do you want?" You should have seen their faces!! They didn't believe me. Bryce actually thought I was being mean and trying to trick them. HA! Joke is on them, I was serious.

The lunch of champions on the last Saturday before school starts!

Hope you have had a great week and maybe some ice cream too!!


  1. Sounds like you made the most of that week! I color code our calendar too - how else would you do it?! The girls hair looks great and I feel exactly the same way you do about my son entering jr. high! Does your school have a prayer group or Moms In Touch? Love the ice cream for lunch!! My kids would react the same way! Hope everything goes well next week for the first days of school!

  2. I love the girls hair!!!

    I used to color code my calendar too...and I am far from type's called survival!! :)

    I can not believe that Ella is going to be in did that happen?!!

    I'm thinking that is the best lunch EVER!!!

  3. What fun memories you've made with your family this week! Love the ice cream story :)

  4. Oh the cuteness of the girls with their shorter hair! I love it! AND I love the idea of ice cream for lunch - I just sent my hubby out for burgers, but ice cream would have been pretty fabulous too.

  5. I keep my calendar on the computer and it's color coded, too!

    I love that Ethan has Mrs Rice. It must run in the family. :)

    Jesus is the only thing that truly satisfies, but ice cream comes pretty close. (jk)

  6. The haircuts are a.dor.a.ble.

    I think there is nothing wrong with color-coding everything. Then again, I may have ocd issues? ;)

    What a great mom you are for taking your kids to school early, getting them familiar with their surroundings.

    Ice cream for lunch. They will carry this fun memory with them for a long time. :)

  7. I color code my calendar and you KNOW that I'm a type A. Love the girls haircuts!! You Yoders know how to have a fun time!

  8. Your calendar made me smile. It's good to know I'm not the only OCD/Type A who thinks it's fun (and necessary) to do that!

    Sounds like you and your family had a GREAT week!

  9. I will take that lunch anyday. :) lOve ice cream
    The girls hair cuts look so cute. How cool that you will donate. WE donated to a local hair place near us. That way her hair will go to a girl in our state. Kindof neat.
    Love the calendar idea. I need to be more organized with the schedules I have going on starting this week.

  10. Love the haircuts! Never heard of Pantene Beautiful Length. What do they do with the hair?
    All for the color coding! I think there is so much to learn from one another in this blog exchange. I wish this had been around when I was raising a family.
    Grandsons are each entering new phases: K and Middle School or Junior High.
    May God keep each one of them and grow them. "It's a jungle out there."

  11. Look at those hair cuts... making them look grown up! :)

    I bet you do have to keep the calendars straight with all the family functions! Whew! Thank God He created lots of colors in this world to use for markers! haha!!!

    What an awesome mom to let them have ice cream for lunch... those are the memory making moments there!!!

  12. I love the picture of all four kiddos at the water park. That's one you'll treasure for a lifetime.

    Ice cream for lunch?! What a fun mom you are!!!! They'll never forget that day!

  13. Thank you for only telling the good side of the trip to Michigan's Adventure!