Monday, August 9, 2010

Project 365-Week 32

I can tell summer is winding down because the schedule is filling up! It has been a fun and productive week. Here's a glimpse.


Small group tonight, complete with dessert selections.

Everyone said they were yummy. I was a good girl and didn't have any.


Since we went to Kevin's reunion last week, I was feeling nostalgic and wanted to do some more reuniting. (is that a word?) So here was my reunion shot.

Oh Jillian, I have missed you so. With the stress of the job loss and the crazy schedule, I stopped doing this. Oh has my body paid for it. So today we reunited and it felt so good. (no, that's a song, not how I really felt!) Anyway, back to the grind with Jillian.


Kyla loves to take pictures and took this one today.

Reese actually was still enough for a picture. That's amazing!

A good friend called us for an impromptu swim. Of course I didn't take a picture of them in the water, but here's the aftermath.


They're back!

More toadstools. (and one crazy brown running furry thing in the background!)


This morning Ella woke up with her eye like this.

She had gotten mosquito bites on the bridge of her nose and her eyebrow yesterday. We were giving her Benadryl, but the swelling wasn't going down. Ended up going to the doctor who told us to continue with the Benadryl regimen and ice if needed and that it would take a few days to pass.

Good thing she was well enough to do this.

My sweet friend Anita and I were meeting regarding Bible study and she invited the kids to come swim in her pool.

Ethan going off a diving board for the first time ever. Let's just say if you needed to find him after that, he was always going off. LOVED it!!

Kyla in the shallow end!

And of course you have to have some lounging time too!

See how swollen her poor eye is? Anyway, I wish all meetings were like this! Thank you to Miss Anita and her wonderful daughters for a fun afternoon!!


We had "A" spend the night and then took all the kids to lunch and miniature golfing. I love free coupons and easy fun!!

I also received this from a friend today. Do you know what it is?

Maybe now?

It is called a green tint patty pan summer squash. Isn't it a fun shape? It tasted good too!


Today I spent the bulk of my day at a retreat for small group leaders. This is where it was held.

It is on lovely grounds and is just exquisite inside! It used to be a professional baseball players home. There were a lot of these on the grounds too.

I love Brown Eyed Susans. (yes, I know they are called Black Eyed Susans, but I have a friend named Susan with brown eyes, so for the past 15 years they have been Brown Eyed Susans)

There you have it. A fun filled, busy week! Hope you have had a great one!!


  1. that was a busy week!!

    my poor Ella!!!! Hope she is feeling better now!

    you just had to bring up Jillian, didn't you...ugh!

  2. Great pics this week - and yes, it is getting busier! The swimming looks perfect for the awfully hot weather we've been having - I don't think I have ever seen toadstools like that - very cool looking! We've had the swollen eye from bites, too, not fun! Hope it is all better now!

  3. LOVE the Reese blur! Too cute. Those desserts look too delicious – GOOD FOR YOU for resisting! I need to drag out my workout tapes – I’m so out of shape I’ll be starting the Leslie Sansone (sp?) one miler!

  4. Oh my! Poor Ella. Stupid mosquitoes.

    Jillian would not be happy with me lately. I'm really having trouble getting back in a routine. Oi.

    The kids looked like they had a fun week. Big smiles all around. Priceless!

  5. OK That first picture totally distracted me and then you had to show me Jillian. Sheeesh. I need to start with her again. I do feel better when we hang out.
    Poor Ella's eye. OUCH.
    Swimming sounds fun, I think we are heading to a friends today to swim.
    Miniature golfing is always fun. Cute picture.

  6. If I have a Jillian tape will I look like her? And I should have resisted the desserts but they were good! So proud of you getting back into the routine!!

    Loved the pool and golf shots of the kids! Love the summer but I do wish the humidity would lighten up!

    Have a great week!!

  7. What a lovely place!
    Glad to finally catch up on your blog.
    Fun times, summer is drawing to a close :(