Monday, January 25, 2010

Balding beautifully?

In my Project 365 post yesterday I posted this picture...

...and told you it was my special purchase. It is called Nioxin and my hair stylist recommended it. Why you might wonder? Will it give me silky smooth hair? Maybe it will enhance my hair's natural beauty? Well, I would hope so but the main purpose is to help my hairline. Yes, my hairline.

You see, I was blessed (and I use that term oh so lightly) with my maternal grandmother's hair. It is very thin. Well that was ok because I still had a lot. Not so much anymore. It has gotten to the point that my husband and oldest son have a lot of fun telling me I am bald or I'll catch Kevin looking at the top of my head. My son was so kind about a week ago to tell me that I needed Bosley. I was mortified!

I have spoken with my stylist before and she said to try this product. When I went to the beauty supply to get it, there were different levels, for different hair textures and hair that is chemically treated. I asked an associate for help and was thrilled to have her look at my head and give me Level 4. Do you know what Level 4 says? It says for "Visibly Thinning Hair". Thank you very much associate for supporting my son and husband! Can a girl get some hairline love somewhere?

So here is hoping that it will do something. And because I have totally lost my mind, I even have a picture of the top of my head to show you the cause of all of the humor in our house. Please be kind internet. I am an emotionally fragile balding woman!

And for those of you who actually see me on a regular basis....Please don't stare at the glare on my head! :)


  1. Oh Tori. :( I'm sorry you've been made fun of. That's not nice! I hope this product works for you and makes you feel just wonderful!

    Tell those boys if they keep it up, they can make their own dinner every night! That should do it! ;P

  2. so let me know if this works. I have had a lot of hair loss with menopause.

  3. How did he know about Bosley? Leave it to the men in your life to break it to you gently! I'm here for you, girlfriend. I checked out a few websites and the reviews on it are quite positive. They did say, though, that you might experience increased hair loss at first, but stay with it.