Sunday, January 31, 2010

Project 365-Week 5

How is it possibly the end of the week already? This one flew by, but I was able to keep up the pictures.


Girl Scout cookies were delivered to us today. Jillian didn't look too happy, but I think the Girl Scouts can take her!


We took the kids out to eat and then stopped at Krispy Kreme for dessert. (the light was on and we had free coupons!) While there we conducted an experiment. We asked to have a doughnut before it went through the "icing shower". Oh my, I took a little bite and it tasted like a crispy roll. That icing makes all the difference!!


Puppy Class! Reese's friend Thunder graduated, so he wasn't there. But, we have a new class mate. Murray, a bull mastiff, and of course Reese loved him because he was the biggest one!

Wednesday (Two today)

Why do the girls have their pant legs pulled up you wonder? See the brown fuzzy guy? He loves to go after their pant legs to play, so they decided to fix that! And....

Reese's new found toy when outside. It's the climbing rope on the swing set that Grandpa built. Thanks for thinking ahead Grandpa!! Not only do the kids love it, but the dog does too.


Today was Mom's day at Ella's school. One of our projects was to have our child paint our hand to put in this book. Fun day!!


Went to the Fun Fair at the boys school this evening. There were games, prizes, the "balloon man" and food. The snow cones were a huge hit with our tribe!


Kevin and I went out for dinner tonight while Grammie and Grandpa kept the kids. (Thanks Mom & Dad!) We went to Houlihans and waited 2 hours for our food!! (they gave us our meal on the house) So nice to have some time to ourselves, eat hot food without cutting anyone else's and not have to take anyone to the bathroom!

How has your week been? Would love hear about it!


  1. I love Girl Scout cookies... I love KK donuts... oh... my mouth is watering!

    You puppy looks so adorable!

    Free food... time with hubby... can't beat that!

  2. I love it!! I would like to see those girl scout cookies take out Jillian, because frankly she is not my friend! :)

    so funny that your dog goes for the biggest dog in the class....hmmmm, what does that say?

    love the pictures of the girls!!!

    what?! you waited TWO hours......good thing they gave you your meal free....little did they know you could care less because the time alone was priceless!!!

    Great week!!!

  3. Love that picture with Jillian and the girl scout cookies, when the are finished with your Jillian can they come take care of mine...ha ha

    Great week


  4. Ha! You got the exact same cookies we got. Love the pic with Jillian Michaels. Hilarious!

  5. what a cutesy Murray is...great shots!

  6. Thinking of a song... "I can only imagine" :) someday, my restaurant will come! :)

  7. KK, girl scout cookies and jillian... what a combo! :) Love it!

  8. girl scout cookies AND krispie creme all in one week? wow, sounds like a dream! a good one! hehe. it's nice to have time with your husband alone, i remember the days when ours were little and those times were few and far between. so glad you had that opportunity.

  9. Love the hands photo!
    We had a date night this week, too, our 40th anniversary!

  10. Loved the pictures. Yum to the cookies and the Krispy Kreme donuts. Cute doggie and woo hoo for date nights.

  11. Love Krispy Kremes and date nights. What could be better in a week!

  12. Ha ha! That Jillian. She'd deserve it, too!!
    The balloon men we always have don't make NEARLY such awesome creations as that bear.
    Congrats on the date night. Sounds nice...