Saturday, January 2, 2010

Project 365- Week One

This first one will be short, since I just started on Friday, but here goes...


Went to a good friend's open house to welcome the New Year with black eyed peas..YUM!

After the open house went for Chinese to celebrate my birthday with the family and then home for dessert. Thanks Mom & Dad!


Taking our new puppy out in the snow is a hoot! It kept snowing today and I had to shovel a path so he could get through.

How have your first few days of the New Year gone?


  1. Happy Birthday - So glad you are joining us!!!
    Your puppy is cute !

  2. Happy Belated Birthday!
    How cute the little puppy is! And cold too I bet. :)

  3. We had Chinese for lunch today. What a cute puppy!

  4. Tori! love the picture with Kim. It really makes me smile to see them keep up our New Years tradition!! I just wish I could have been there too! oh wait, then I would have missed mine...on well.

    I am so glad you are joining us for project 365 this year!! it's very fun to see some familiar faces!

    love ya!

  5. Welcome Tori to the blogging world and to project 365. You won't regret the time you put in to preserving memories. My blog is about all things mundane, too, but its my life and precious!

    Happy birthday!

  6. Great start to the year! Real Chinese food sounds so good! Can't get it here, unless I make it. And that's not easy since the ingredients are hard to find. But anyway, Happy belated Birthday!

  7. so cute...happy birthday!!
    love the puffy puppy in the fluffy snow :)

  8. Happy Birthday!
    Black-eye’d peas. Of course :)
    (We always have oyster stew.)
    We’ve dealt with the puppy who won’t pee in the snow too. Awfully cute!
    Welcome to Project 365! Glad to have you with us.

  9. I am starting late too. I'm new this year. I like yours. =-)

  10. Welcome to the circle! Enjoy!

  11. So glad you joined the fun of Project 365...Happy New Year... I look forward to getting to know you.