Friday, January 15, 2010


My sister sent me an email asking me some questions about motherhood, taking time for myself, etc. She is giving a talk at MOPS and wanted some input from other moms who have been through (or are in) that stage.
A couple of her questions are,
*"As a mom what keeps you motivated everyday or what is your motivation?"
*"What are some of your best memories of the "pre-school" age?"
*"How do you take time for yourself and why is that important?"
Would you take the time to share your answers to give her a wider view too?

On a related note, my sister Tawn is wonderful. She is also a mother of four, two boys and two girls, just like me.
We are almost 7 years apart and when she was little and I was in my tween/teen years, I remember loving to do her hair and play with her. But, I also remember being annoyed with her too. Thinking my "things" were so important and she was in the way. If only I would have known the gift that I was missing.
I am so very thankful for my sister and the joy that she brings to my life, our family and generously shares with all who know her. Her laugh is contagious (well maybe not the snorting part) and her heart is huge. She loves the Lord and her family and friends with an open throttle.
Tawn, you are a gift and it is an honor to call you sister and friend. I am so proud of the woman and mother that you are! Thank you for making a difference for so many. God loves you and so do I!!
With much love,
Your big sister, Sori

Tawn at age 1, me at 7. (Mom, what were you thinking with my hair and the profile...YUCK!)

After coming home from camp.

On my wedding day.

Christmas 2009. And yes, I have two younger brothers also.

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  1. Love you too sista!!

    I know lots of moms, but I wanted to make sure I asked you those questions because I have learned a lot from you : )

    From Mona