Monday, January 11, 2010

Life will never be the same....

Yesterday I promised to share something life changing and I can't wait to share this!! It all has to do with this pot....

What do you think is in there? I can tell you it is not youth elixir or some other natural remedy, but it will change the life of all that it touches.

Any guesses? Well, here is what is under the towel...

So what is life changing about this blob? Well, let me tell you. That blob turns in to this....

These Cinnamon Rolls from The Pioneer Woman Cooks cookbook are absolute heaven. They melt in your mouth and are worth every calorie you ingest enjoying one! (or two or three, whatever your preference is)

I have followed Ree's blog for a while and her cooking and photography are amazing. I've wanted the cookbook since it was released and was treated with it at Christmas by a dear friend. It is filled with fantastic, easy recipes that are sure to please everyone. If nothing else, these cinnamon rolls will become your new legacy.

The girls helped with part of the making process and enjoyed licking their fingers when we were finished.

I love cooking and baking and really feel that this cookbook is a must in every one's kitchen! In honor of these euphoric cinnamon rolls I am going to give away one of Ree's cookbooks, The Pioneer Woman Cooks.

In order to enter, please leave a comment with your all time favorite recipe. If you do not have a blog, please leave an email address to contact you at if you win. Comments must be made by 10:00 p.m. EST Friday, January 15. I will randomly select and announce the winner on Saturday, January 16. Good luck and happy salivating!!


  1. I have a feeling you wouldn't randomly pick your sister so I will bow out letting someone else enjoy a very fun sounding cookbook that I unfortunately proabably wouldn't use anyway.

  2. You're making a pregnant lady hungry! You are bringing these to Beth Moore when it's your turn for breakfast, right? Mmmm.....

  3. I love the Artichoke and Spinach Dip I found in Cooking Light a number of years ago.

    I also love the White Russian Tiramisu I found in Cooking Light just a few months after I got married.
    My husband and I have made it a number of times and it has never disappointed.

    msgb245 at gmail dot com

  4. ohhh i borrowed it from the library and made the man sandwich! DELICIOUS! looks good, way to go! i have another cinnamon roll recipe that uses the bread machine, if you want to cut out some time!

  5. Oh boy. I love the Pioneer Woman. I love every page of her amazing site. And I visit her cooking pages at least once a week. I've been wanting her cookbook since it came out!
    I love potatoes and one of my favorite recipes is Pampered Chef's Baked Potato Soup recipe. (for some strange reason I can't copy/paste in this window! I have the recipe on our food blog. Go to our posts with "potato" or "soup" labels and you'll find it.)
    Thanks, Tori! Food can be life changing....but I was thinking you might announce that you're having another little one! ;)

  6. I LOVE her cookbook. I was able to go to one of her signings and gave one to Alyssa for Christmas. So don't put me in the giveaway. However, I have NOT tried those rolls...mostly because of time. But my favorite recipe of hers right now are jalapeno poppers....easy and amazing!! I made these many times over the holidays:

    15-20 jalapenos
    cream cheese
    hickory smoked bacon
    tooth picks

    cut jalapenos in 1/2 and scrape seeds out. fill the 1/2 with cream cheese and wrap in a 1/2 slice of bacon. secure with toothpick. bake at 375 for 25+ minutes. I put mine on a cooling rack inside a cookie sheet so they wouldn't be sitting in grease.

    seriously these are to die for!!!

  7. Never heard of this cookbook but I may have to purchase... those cinnamon rolls look wonderful. When is breakfast night for small group?