Thursday, January 7, 2010

Elbow deep

Oh what a day it started out to be! I was nudged awake by my 7 year old with, "Reese just pooped upstairs." Well of course. What other way would a mother want to be beckoned? Not, "Mommy, you're the best." Or perhaps, "Mommy I made you breakfast." No, poop is a glamorous alternative.

I came up and the scene that unfolded was gross. The puppy had been taken out and done his duty, but to no one's avail his crate was a mess and therefore so was he. I ended up cleaning the carpet, bathing the dog, cleaning the crate and bedding and then insisting I sniff my eldest child since he had been holding the dog prior to the findings. (You can't send a child to school smelling like that, can you?)

The boys got off to school, I quickly threw on clothes because the dog had to be to the vet at 8:00. Hubby got the girls breakfast and ready for school. (BTW, thanks honey and sorry I was so flustered this morning!)

What a morning! But all for the sake of this sweet face......

And the four sweet little faces that adore him. (I guess there are two grown up faces that are quite fond of him too!)


  1. hmmmmm, sweet face or not,that is gross!!! :)

  2. Awwww...........he is very cute. Still, your story reminds why I don't have a dog!

  3. I love poop stories. Keep 'em coming : )

  4. Yeah, he is pretty cute. I'd forgive him too.