Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Hurt and Heartache

I feel like it is one of those seasons when so many around me are hurting. People I love and care about are dealing with illness & disease, broken hearts, financial hardship and questioning "Why?". Each day brings more or new struggle and the desperation to hang on becomes more intense.
I know, as most of them do, that God is in control. He is sovereign. He will always be there. But sometimes, it's so hard.
I came across this quote by Oswald Chambers while reading today and found it encouraging.
"Tenacity is more than hanging on, which may be but the weakness of being too afraid to fall off. Tenacity is the supreme effort of a man refusing to believe that his hero is going to be conquered...Remain spiritually tenacious."

I know my HERO has conquered it all! And while that thread I'm holding may seem to be unraveling at an unfair velocity, I will hang on. I will hang on with all my might and as I do, I realize there is more than just my grip holding me. There is the grip of an ever-strong and loving hand. The grip of my HERO.
May you hold on a little tighter today and in return feel that loving grip holding you too.

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