Friday, January 22, 2010

Pieces and Parts

Today was a very special morning! Ella's Pre-K teacher, Mrs. C., is having her second child and we were having a class shower today. Come to find out it wasn't a moment too soon, as she found out she is being induced on Sunday.

Here are a few of the pieces of the shower....

Mrs. C and her students.

Every shower needs refreshments....

...and since she is having a boy, little blue feet were in order. (don't worry, they were actually arranged nicely on platters)

Mrs. C. has a 2 year old daughter and we wanted to get her a big-sister gift. Mrs. C. asked that we get her a "baby brother" doll. I went shopping and found two, both by the same company. The one we purchased has a soft middle and seemed a little more suited for some good hugging, but there was this one.

Looks fine. You can give it water and it wets, warranting diaper changes. But this piece is my favorite part.

See what it says? I was laughing so hard I was crying in Toys-R-Us! I have 4 children and we never had a doll like this.

And for those of you wondering if I checked, oh yes I did! I put my hand through the heart cut out, undid the outfit and confirmed the advertisement. Then I headed for the restroom, because a mother who has had four children can only laugh so hard, for so long with her own pieces and parts!

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  1. Feeling dolls in the toy store????? I've heard of people like you... my own sister, what is this world coming to? : )