Sunday, January 17, 2010

Project 365-Week 3

Three weeks already? Wow! It has been a busy week around here, so here you go....

Sunday (2 pictures today)

Had to sing at church for all three morning services and for the evening PS service (Prayer and Song) Long day, but worth it!

Ella lost her second tooth and did it all by herself to boot! Look at that smile.


Had lunch with a treasured friend today. Yummy food and great conversation. Great way to start the week!


Had our first Puppy class with Reese tonight. What a hoot! The whole family went and there were 9 puppies, most of them smaller breeds, well except Thunder! Reese LOVED Thunder!! Can't wait to see them all play again this week.


Spent my day using these products. Bet you can't guess why!! Felt overwhelmed and wondered why we have a puppy if no one else will help. Have you had one of those days? (and please note, some people DO help. Just wasn't feeling it that day.)


Bible study started again! Thank you Lord!! I am co-leading this study on Thursday morning and Wednesday evening. Love me some good brain stretching Bible study!


Future dumpster diver?

Saturday (bonus pictures on this day)

Any ideas what this is? And yes, the puppy is still here.
4 kids that needed haircuts equals big pile on the floor! (I must say that the woman who does the kids haircuts found it amusing that I had the girls sweep it all into a pile to take a picture!)

Much better!

And because she and this were so cute....

After haircuts I took the kids to IHOP for lunch. They had never been there and Kyla loved this pancake!

How has your week been? Have a great one this week!!


  1. Oh the puppies are SO cute! I look forward to more pictures from class... And Kyla is just precious.

  2. I miss seeing you lead worship!!!

    Thunder is a PUPPY? can you say BIG dog?!!

    we are doing Daniel here also and we started last Wednesday too!

    great week Tori!

  3. THat is one of the brain strechingest studies I have ever done - wow! I do love me some Beth Moore though!!!

  4. Three morning services and evening PS ... wow, that wears me out just hearing it

    My girl would always do it by herself...she NEVER let me pull a single tooth out of her head...and the doctor was lucky she let him remove her wisdom teeth, if she had been awake she would have wanted to do it herself.

    Puppy class with Reese sure looks like fun...I REALLY want a puppy. Just how BIG will Thunder get?
    I'm facilitating a Disciple III brain-stretching Bible study does reach you differently when you facilitate...
    They all look so cute after their haircuts.
    Enjoy week 4!

  5. Aw...she looks so sweet with her front tooth missing! Yay for bible study...sounds like you are at church quite a bit of the week...what better place??

    Strange that you are from 2 boys/2 girls and that's what you and your sister have, too.

    Sorry I missed the giveaway...I love Ree and I've made those cinnamon rolls.

  6. oh my... miss those sundays...picture made me homesick

  7. Looks like you had a busy week! The puppy days do get better! Ours is over a year now and accidents are a thing of the past - Yeah!

  8. Lunch with friends and puppy pictures, that is a good week!!

    I loved the haircuts and my daughter loved those pancakes at ihop...yum yum.

    Great pictures and thanks for sharing


  9. Love the hair cut picture and the pancake with your little girl. So cute!

  10. Great photos this week! I find that participating in 365 generates lots of confused/interested looks at the things I choose to photograph. lol Like your pile of hair. Good shot!

    Have a great week!

  11. i love the shot from the praise team view...i used to do that. it's so familiar. we would have 3 hour services mostly music and practice for 3 hours the night's good memories for me. i have seen more bibles in pictures this week, i guess i need to go and read mine!

  12. You are one busy lady!
    Kyla, oh, so cute!
    Have a great rest of the week!