Saturday, January 9, 2010

Celebrating Gram

Yesterday was my mom's birthday. I always make her the same treat every year. Marilyn Bars. She LOVES them!

My mom is a very special lady and even though we have our differences I love her and can't imagine who I would be without her. So in honor of my mom, here are some descriptors:

A- abundant. She is abundant in everything she does from loving, to working , to shopping. She does everything BIG.

R- remembers. She remembers everything, especially birthdays. If you've ever told her when you born, expect her to remember you on your day!

L- loyal. She is loyal beyond belief and that is a hard thing to find. I am so thankful to have learned by example!

E- energetic. When people ask how she is I always say, "Still running around like a chicken with her head cut off." She is in constant motion, even when she should be resting.

N- nurturing. She cares for those in her life and sphere of influence. From people to animals, she will love on them.

E- entrepreneur. She has had her own business for over 35 years and was successful while having 4 kids, taking care of an ill husband and taking over the role of breadwinner.

That's my mom, Arlene.

Last night we took my mom out for dinner for her birthday. We had to wait forever and there were lots of hungry tummies, but we enjoyed celebrating her.

Gram with 4 of her 11 grand kids. (these happen to be mine)

Mom and me.

Happy Birthday Mom! I love you!!


  1. What a nice tribute, Tori! I'm glad your mom had a nice birthday party. By the way, what are Marilyn bars?

  2. this was a sweet post! yeah for moms! and i am with khara-what is a marilyn bar? maybe you need a recipe post! :)

  3. Fun pictures. I love the one with your kids exercising with the dog.

  4. She is a special lady, isn't she...